Phone Banks

Throughout the campaign, Home for the Holidays will host multiple “phone bank” opportunities during which we offer prize incentives for purchasing tickets during that specific time frame.
To be eligible for the stated prize, simply purchase your ticket by the established deadline. Already purchased a ticket? Don’t worry! Once you purchase a Home for the Holidays ticket, you’re eligible for all future drawings!
Great prizes are scheduled to be awarded. Be sure to call the helpline at (866) 485-3239 and a representative can assist you with your ticket purchase.
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Phone Bank

Dates & Times

October 5

  • $2,500 courtesy of Classic Auto Spa

Phone Bank 10/19

  • $2,500 courtesy of Home for the Holidays

Phone Bank 11/10

  • $2,500 Stine Gift Card

Phone Bank 11/30

  • $2,500 courtesy of Home for the Holidays

Phone Banks 12/5 – 12/6

  • $5,000 Diamond Pendant courtesy of Dianna Rae Jewelry
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Additional Prizes