Contest Rules

Contest Rules (Terms and Conditions)

As a ticket holder, I understand and agree to the following terms and conditions of the Home for the
Holidays, Inc. raffle house agreement set forth herein.

  • This ticket represents a chance to win the opportunity to accept an offer of the stated prize on the terms
    and conditions set forth herein.
  • The winner of the raffle house agrees to accept the house “as built” without additions or alterations,
    and all prizewinners agree to accept prizes “as is,” with absolutely no expressed or implied warranties
    given by the Home for the Holidays, Inc.
  • The winning ticket holder will have thirty (30) days to accept the prize or, pursuant to terms stated, will
    forfeit prize, with no substitution or alternate prize. The prize will then be awarded to the second
    runner-up, or to such runner-up that accepts the said prize in accordance with all stipulated terms and conditions.
  • Except where specifically stated, prizes will not be substituted or exchanged. Prizes have no cash value.
  • All sales are final and non-refundable.
  • Participants must be 18 years or older.
  • Access to all prizes by winners will be restricted until fully and unconditionally accepted by the winner
    on terms and conditions set forth herein and complete delivery is made to the winners. All prizes remain
    the sole property of Home for the Holidays, Inc. until unconditionally accepted “as is” by the winners.
  • Home for the Holidays, Inc., on behalf of itself and its designees including but not limited to Scripps
    Media, Inc., owner and operator of KATC-TV3 (“Media Provider”) reserve the right to use the names,
    pictures, video images and relevant quotes of all winners.
  • Winners of each prize are subject to applicable federal and state income taxes, due and payable at time
    of delivery. The house is delivered at the closing. Winner of the home agrees that the written
    determination of a licensed appraiser obtained by Home for the Holidays, Inc. is used to determine the
    value of the home for income tax purposes.
  • The winner accepting the home will be subject to all applicable laws and regulations including covenants
    and/or restrictions which may apply.
  • Purchase of this ticket constitutes full agreement by the purchaser with all terms and conditions set
    forth herein.
  • Employees of the Acadian Home Builders Association, KATC-TV 3 (“Media Provider”), their Board of
    Directors, Officers and their dependents are not eligible to participate.
  • Winners need not be present at the drawing. Void where prohibited by law.
  • Net proceeds from the Home for the Holidays, Inc. raffle are awarded to designated charities.
  • Ticket purchases are not tax deductible.
  • All prizes are non-transferable and may only be claimed by the official winner.
  • Home is valued at $480,000


Media Provider is not a sponsor or administrator of this promotion in any other manner, and is not
responsible for operating or administering any aspect of the Promotion.